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My name is Jwane Izzetpanah and I am running for one reason, Rideau-Vanier deserves better. 


We deserve to feel safe in our community. We deserve to walk home at the end of a late night without looking over our shoulders. We deserve to make it home, every single time. We deserve to use the public transit that we pay for instead of calling an Uber because standing on the street feels intimidating. We deserve to exit our homes in broad daylight without last night's garbage flying around. We deserve to leave our belongings in our cars without our windows getting smashed in. We deserve to let our kids play in the streets without the fear of them tripping over used needles. We deserve to walk up Rideau Street without holding our breath because it smells like urine. We deserve to take the shortest route when we leave our house and not detour to avoid areas we feel are unsafe. We deserve better


I'll address it before any of you do. I'm not a lawyer, a doctor, or a public figure. All I am is a goal-oriented hard-working young woman who sees a problem in a community that I love and I won't stop until I make it better. 

Our community needs attention and I am the candidate who won't stop fighting for Rideau Vanier until it gets the attention it deserves. 


Have you walked around the ByWard market recently? How about Rideau Street, Mackenzie King, McArthur or Montreal Road? Crime is prevalent. 721 assaults were committed on the streets of our ward last year, 2000 thefts and 131 sexual assaults. Just because we live downtown doesn't mean that we need to live in a community riddled with crime. We deserve better. Donate today. 


Living in Rideau-Vanier today means that you step around used needles when you walk your kids to school. Our streets are dirty and home to drug addicts who have taken over our shared spaces. Instead of relying on volunteer groups to clean up, we need to speak up and fight for city dollars to be spent in our community. Donate today. 


Tired of seedy businesses in Rideau-Vanier? I will fight to support the honest, hard-working entrepreneurs in our community, push for decisions that will help our community thrive and attract more investments. Donate today. 


By donating to me you are putting your faith in a candidate who will stand up for the resources that Rideau Vanier deserves. I promise to go into city council and fight for the people of our community. I will not bend to peer pressure or give into group think. I will speak up every time. Do you agree that we need to be heard in Rideau-Vanier? Donate today. 

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